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UK Holiday Destinations for Singles and Couples

UK Holiday Destinations for Singles and Couples

UK Holiday Destinations for Singles and Couples

For many young adults, whether singles or couples, holidays are about seeing the world. But your dream holiday destination might not always be halfway around the globe – sometimes, you can find everything you’re looking for from your ideal getaway in your own back yard.  
The UK is one of the most diverse and varied countries in the world. Whether you’re after culture, stunning landscapes, or exciting activities, you might be surprised to see what you can find on your holiday in the UK. Whether you’re looking for a romantic trip for two, a solo adventure, or even want to be part of a travel group, there’s something for everyone in the United Kingdom. 

Walking and Exploring Holidays in the UK 

The Great British countryside is some of the most varied and breath-taking in the world – but living in the UK it’s sometimes easy to forget that. Here are some UK holiday destinations that can remind you of the adventure to be found right on your doorstep.  
travelling an edinburgh street

Edinburgh, Scotland 

Scotland’s picturesque capital is located on traditional Scottish land, next to the Pentland Hills Regional Park showcasing spectacular Scottish Highland, and the North Sea lapping at the stony borders of Edinburgh’s cliffs and rocks. This location is the perfect romantic holiday destination for couples, or a great solo adventure holiday. With plenty of outstanding restaurants and bars, as well as accommodation, Edinburgh is a great place to visit alone or as a couple. 

Dublin, Ireland 

Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is another fantastic way to get your dose of adventure. With similarly wild and rugged countryside, this is a great holiday for singles or couples to stretch your legs and get exploring. Dublin serves as a starting point, located roughly halfway up the Eastern coast of the country, but from there you can let your legs carry you on your explorations. Pack your backpack, tie your laces, and prepare to see cliffs, mountains, valleys, and castles as you trek around this memorable holiday destination.  

Beach and Seaside Holidays in the UK 

Even in the UK, not always known for its standout weather or beaches, you can find a seaside holiday to tick all the boxes of your relaxing getaway. In the summer months, temperatures in the UK can soar to rival those of the sunniest spots on the continent, so don’t discount a UK beach holiday alone or as a couple.  
surfing holiday in Cornwall

St Ives, Cornwall, England 

You could be forgiven for thinking that pictures of St Ives and the surrounding coastline were actually taken in some sleepy Mediterranean town. The waters are crystal clear, and hold the turquoise tinge usually associated with more tropical waters; the white houses with their orange tiled roofs built onto the cliffs could be Greek; the sandy white beach is reminiscent of the Caribbean. St Ives is the perfect romantic place to relax with your partner, or to explore at your own pace as a solo trip. 

Holidays in the UK for Nightlife

The UK is known for offering lively and varied nights out across the country. If your dream holiday in the UK is based around going out and having a good time, there are plenty of spots for you to hit up. Whether you’re single and want a group trip to have fun on, or you’re looking for a way to have a few good nights with your partner, there are plenty of spots around the UK for a good time. 

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England 

The undisputed crown jewel of the UK’s nightlife is Newcastle, land of the Geordies - ask anyone that’s ever been! If your dream holiday destination is all about good times, parties, and great music, then this is the destination for you. With famous (and infamous) clubs open all night long, and other shops and restaurants operating well into the evening, Newcastle is a top destination. For your fun-filled couples retreat, or a wild night out as a single, you’re sure to have a great time. 
holiday view in London

London, England 

England’s capital, and busiest city in the UK, has everything you could want for a romantic escape with your partner. Rooftop bars overlook the city skyline, world-renowned restaurants serve award winning food on every corner, and even fun activities like crazy golf and table tennis are easy to find. You can have the perfect couple’s getaway in London and have a holiday to remember. Even if you’re travelling solo, there’s plenty to see and do in the capital.  

Group Travel   

If you’re a lone traveller, and you’re looking for a dream holiday with a group of like-minded individuals, there are plenty of things to do. Holiday matchmaking services in the UK can help to pair you with that special someone on a romantic trip, or you can choose to join a group of solo travellers on a top walking adventure. There are plenty of holiday destinations for singles in the UK, so you needn’t be alone when you see the country. 

Personal Interest Tours in the UK  

If you’re stuck for inspiration on your dream holiday, whether a lone traveller or as a couple, one great way to start brainstorming your next trip is to think about your passions. If you’re a foodie, then pack your bags and plan a food tour of the UK – there are thousands of Michelin awarded restaurants up and down the country. If you’re a history buff, make sure to bring an extra large suitcase for all the souvenirs you’ll bring back from your museum tour of the country. The possibilities are endless! 
There are plenty of things to see and do in the UK, whether you’re looking for a nice, relaxed getaway with your partner, or looking to explore on your own. The holiday destinations for singles and couples in the UK offer plenty for you to do – all without the need to travel too far away from your own home. 

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