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The Dream Holiday – Long Haul Travel from the UK

The Dream Holiday – Long Haul Travel from the UK

Dream Holidays – Six of our Top Destination Picks


Last year flew by. In a somewhat strange year, we were blessed with glorious sunshine in the summer which meant many didn’t miss their usual travels too much. The UK had everything you could have wanted from your dream holiday destination – blazing hot sunshine, long warm evenings, busy beaches, and a plethora of outdoor food and drink venues.
Now, in the middle of January in 2022, many are still longing for adventures on foreign shores - the thrill of travelling to an inspirational destination and satisfying that exploration itch. Sit back and enjoy as we help spark your imagination with some of our favourite long-haul fantasy getaways. You’ll be packing your luggage and booking your flights from the UK before you know it. Here are our top 6 dream holiday destinations!
pier in cancun on holiday

1.     Cancun, Mexico

First on our tour of top holiday destinations, is Cancun, Mexico. With nearly 14 miles of glorious white beaches, perfect for either tranquil bathing in the Central American sun, or catching some waves, there’s plenty for everyone to do. When you’re away from the beach, Cancun still has plenty to offer: fantastic seafood restaurants with fresh catches from the sea, local wildlife in the crystal-clear waters and barrier reefs, or the buzzing nightlife of the city. Cancun really is a dream holiday destination.
The average flight time to Cancun from London is 11-12 hours, and their borders are currently open to travel from the UK.
holiday in havana

2.     Havana, Cuba

Just across the Gulf of Mexico lies the country of Cuba, and with it, the capital city of Havana. Havana is as colourful as a city can get – with the vibrancy stretching from the architecture on the streets all the way through the culture. Food, music, dance, graffiti: it’s all wonderfully exciting and full of energy. Havana also offers a chance at stepping back in time. The Cuban Revolution is still affecting the country today, and so the architecture, and most importantly the cars, are straight out of the 50s. This is a magical city and makes a great, stylish dream holiday destination.
Flight times to Havana from London can be anywhere between 12-20 hours
holiday in miami

3.     Miami, USA

Another short hop away from Havana, you find yourself stateside, on the gloriously hot beaches and soaring skylines of Miami. In the state of Florida, Miami provides those cinematic American beach vibes that make you feel like a movie star. Incredible nightlife is rivalled by buzzing daytime shopping and outdoor food venues. There’s plenty to do in Miami, including the 16 Great Beaches stretching North to South along the coast. Neon lights and fast cars will light up your city beach break to the land of the free.
Flight times to Miami from London can be fewer than 10 hours, with some stretching up to 13.
travel in maldives

4.     Kaafu, the Republic of Maldives

For an altogether different dream holiday destination, the Maldives islands offer unparalleled tranquillity. A collection of islands in the Indian Ocean, found between the continents of Asia and Africa, the Maldives offer some of the most stunning scenery in the world. With the bluest waters and skies, plus thriving coral reefs and lush jungle forests, this is truly the place of dreams. You can even hire your own private island to really escape it all – just make sure to pack plenty of swimming costumes in your suitcase for your own personal island adventure.
Flights to the Maldives usually take between 10 and 13 hours.
travel in cape verde

5.     Sal, Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands are a collection of 10 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. They offer some of the most diverse and exciting scenery imaginable – the picturesque beaches associated with island holidays, but also giant volcanos, deserts, forests, and mountain rivers. There’s variety in the towns and cities as well: some feel distinctly African, being dry and dusty, full of hidden gems for you to discover; others are far more Westernised and contain the bars and nightclubs many travellers seek. All across this collection of islands, there are discoveries to be made, and exploring to be done.
Flights to Cape Verde only take around 6-7 hours and so make this one of the shorter flights on this list.
travel in tromso

6.     Tromso, Norway.

Whilst Scandinavian countries may at first seem like a strange choice for dream holiday destinations, there are plenty of reasons to visit the Arctic Capital. Whilst you’ll obviously have to pack more layers than the previously mentioned destination (make sure you have your large suitcase), it’s well worth it. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Northern Lights, can be seen from Tromso in all their colourful, fantastic glory. Whilst this alone is a good enough reason to visit, Tromso as a destination offers so much more. With Arctic Midnight Sun providing light throughout the evening, you’re sure to have some amazing times dancing the night away.
Flights to Tromso can take between 5 and 8 hours.

Long haul and cabin luggage

Whilst it’s possible to get to plenty of fabulous holiday destinations on shorter flights, you may need to spend a bit longer on the plane to get to the places listed above. Many airlines quantify a long-haul flight as 6-12 hours. Getting evening flights means you can pass the time snoozing as you soar through the clouds – but if you want a more active flight, you’ll need to make sure you pack some entertainment. Our cabin luggage is the perfect size for all the essentials you need on your flight and will be guaranteed to make it through the baggage allowance check. We have bags for Ryanair, British Airways, and Easyjet.
We hope this list of dream long haul holiday destinations has inspired you to start planning your next big trip. Make sure you have the right luggage to take everything you’ll need with you: whether that’s plenty of swimming costumes and towels or several thick coats, hats, and gloves!