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The Best Babymoon Ideas

Having a baby on the way can be oh so exciting! Building a family of your own and bringing a bundle of joy into the world can be incredibly rewarding. But for all the joy it brings, having a child can be incredibly stressful. Pregnancy is a miraculous thing, and goes to show just how strong the female body is, but soon-to-be mums don’t have it easy. 
‘Babymoons’ have been rising in popularity in recent years, and are a great way to relieve some of the stress that pregnancy can put on you.  

What is a babymoon?

A ‘babymoon’ is a lot like a honeymoon, but rather than spending quality time with your partner after getting married, you’re spending time with them before your baby is born. While the birth of your first child is obviously something to look forward to, it’s also true that you and your partner’s lives will never be the same.  
A babymoon is a holiday where you and your partner get to spend romantic, intimate time together and enjoy each other’s company before your family welcomes its newest member. 

When is the best time to go on a babymoon?

The short and sweet answer to this would be: whenever you’re comfortable. A babymoon holiday is often taken by women in their second trimester. This window represents a sweet spot, where the symptoms of the first trimester have usually subsided, but the discomfort of late pregnancy is yet to arrive. 
Though you might be more comfortable not flying during pregnancy, flying doesn’t present any risk to the baby’s health. In most cases, you will be fine to fly up until your 37th week of pregnancy – although you should absolutely confirm this with a trusted medical professional. 

Best Babymoon UK

So now we’ve established what a babymoon is, and when you should think about embarking on the adventure, it’s time to think about your dream destination! First up, let’s take a look at some babymoon ideas in the UK, for those who don’t want to travel too far from home. 

City Breaks

If you’re looking for an energizing escape before the arrival of your little one, then consider a long weekend in a big city! 
Head down to London, the nation’s capital, and soak up the bustle and bright lights of the stunning city. Our recommendation for a hotel stay would be The Henrietta. A quaint and romantic hideaway, hidden in the busy streets of Covent Garden, The Henrietta offers plenty of scope for relaxation, while being in the perfect location to explore what central London has to offer! 
Enjoy some one-on-one date nights in local restaurants, and go on a romantic stroll through Piccadilly Circus, taking in the electrifying lightshow next to the person you love most. Gorgeous sights and local attractions are within quick travelling distance of the hotel, so this is a perfect babymoon destination for those after a lowkey escape.


Maybe a city break has too much going on, and you’re after a more peaceful escape. We’ve got you covered! If you’re after some real alone time, a glamping trip could be the perfect babymoon for you. 
Sometimes, we might be too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of bigger cities to appreciate the beauty of the English countryside, but the scenery is really unbeatable. If you’re looking for the perfect peaceful babymoon destination, check out Canopy and Stars – they offer a tonne of glamping options all around the UK, so you can pick the location that’s the most convenient for you. This makes glamping babymoons ideal for those not wanting to travel too far from home. 
There are options suitable for a range of price points too, so you’ll find plenty of babymoon packages on a budget. You and your partner laying beneath the stars, far away from the stresses of day-to-day life, appreciating one another and looking forward to welcoming your bundle of joy into the world. It doesn’t get more relaxing than that! 

B&B by the Beach

Sea and sand can be enjoyed by pregnant women, so if you’re craving a sun-soaked getaway, consider a beachside babymoon. The Warwick House is a guest house in Penzance, which boasts tonnes of character and stunning views of the Cornish coast. 
Swimming in the sea can be a great mode of exercise for pregnant women – it’s a low-impact form of aerobic exercise, so is an excellent way to relax while keeping in good health. Seaside breaks, then, are amazing babymoon ideas! Soak up the sun on a quiet beach, while you gaze out over crystal clear waters next to the love of your life, excited for the years to come. 
Cornish coast for seaside babymoon break

Spa Breaks

After some much-needed R&R for your babymoon? Then treat yourself to a spa break! Tucked away in the idyllic countryside of the Cotswolds is Cowley Manor, a luxury spa retreat which is perfect for your stress-free babymoon. 

The stunning country manor has an award-winning spa, where you and your loved one can enjoy being spoiled before you have your own little one to spoil. You’ll be surrounded by gorgeous countryside scenery, so the pair of you can enjoy romantic strolls with a backdrop that could have fallen straight out of a romantic period drama.  

Plus, you’ll be in the perfect spot to explore the other adorable spa towns and villages dotted throughout the Cotswolds, so you and your partner can soak up some culture on your relaxing babymoon break. 

Best Babymoon Destinations Abroad

While many pregnant women may feel more comfortable staying closer to home for their babymoon, travelling abroad is still an option. As we mentioned earlier, most pregnant women will be perfectly fine to fly up until their 37th week of pregnancy, so overseas babymoon destinations are very much still on the cards. Here are a couple of ideas for the globetrotters who want babymoon ideas abroad. 

Beach Babymoon

Though you can have a UK babymoon surrounded by stunning seaside scenery, sometimes a beach on the continent just feels that bit more special. If you’re looking for a babymoon destination abroad with plenty of sunshine, then we’d recommend the Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho. A stunning retreat tucked in the municipality of Cascais on the southern Portuguese coast, the hotel is perfect for a sun-soaked babymoon. 

With stunning sea views and an accessible beachfront, the retreat gives plenty of opportunity for chilling on the white sandy shores. The hotel is only 30km from the local airport, so transfers are sure to be a breeze. The hotel also boasts a Michelin star restaurant, so this getaway would be an excellent choice for couples who want a babymoon with a little bit of luxury. 

Island Escape

Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having a luxury holiday! The Daios Cove Luxury Retreat is an all-inclusive resort on the gorgeous Greek island of Crete, and it’s a perfect babymoon destination. 

It has a stunning private beach, and an infinity pool that stays heated all-year-round, which is ideal for swimming with your bun in the oven. Though the cliff-covered Greek islands may seem an inconvenient place for a babymoon getaway, this resort has lifts and dedicated golf buggies to take you to and from your suite, so you won’t have to worry about over-exerting yourself. 

If sun and sand is what you’re after, then the scenic shores of Crete would be an amazing babymoon idea. 

Crete island Greek babymoon break

Best Babymoon Destinations Without Flying

Though flying isn’t a problem for pregnant women, you might feel more comfortable with your feet on land. But what if wanderlust is getting the better of you, and you’re desperate for a relaxing, romantic break overseas? Then we’ve got you covered – here are some more babymoon destinations abroad that you won’t need to fly to. 

The City of Love

Babymoons are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with the person you love before your family of two becomes three. And what better place for a romantic babymoon break than in Paris, the famed city of love? 

For a luxurious getaway that’s sure to set sparks flying, we’d choose The Hotel Particulier in Montmartre. Montmartre is a district of Paris just outside the city centre, known for its incomparable charm and stunning aesthetics. Explore the quaint and colourful streets with your partner, soaking up the local beauty spots which have been adored by writers and artists throughout history. 

There’s no place for a romantic babymoon like Paris! And since the city of love is accessible via the Eurostar, it’s a perfect getaway for mums-to-be who aren’t keen on flying. 

Paris skyline romantic babymoon break

Quaint Countryside Escape

If Paris is perhaps a bit crowded for you, then turn to the Northern coasts of France, where you can find quaint, rural escapes in areas such as Normandy. The Hotel Auberge de la Source is the perfect dreamy babymoon destination – a converted farmhouse with an idyllic cottage-core vibe, ideal for expecting couples to relax and rejuvenate. 

Normandy is accessible via a multitude of ferry lines, which not only means you won’t need to fly, but also means you can take your own vehicle! The area is car accessible, so you have freedom to explore far and wide, plus you won’t need to worry about packing light. 

What Do You Take on a Babymoon Break?

Babymoon holidays are a time to destress and relax before your bundle of joy arrives, so making sure the essentials are all packed is super important to ensure your peace of mind. 

You’ll want to make sure you take pregnancy notes with you, alongside a medical certificate or ‘safe to fly’ letter from your doctor if you need one. If you’re flying, you’ll also want to bring compression socks, and items like eye masks and ear plugs to ensure you’re as relaxed as possible throughout your journey. 

You’ll also want to stock up on vitamins, and take a reusable water bottle with you to make sure you’re staying hydrated. Plus, if you’re going to be in the sun a lot, make sure you take adequate sun protection – sun cream, a large hat, sunglasses, the works! 

With the extensions to your holiday packing checklist (you’re travelling for two, after all), you’ll want to make sure you have the right luggage to keep your essentials safe. Whether you need a cabin size suitcase for a long weekend in a city, a large suitcase for your babymoon on the beach, or a vintage style suitcase for maximum style points, Rock has the perfect luggage for you, helping you get lost, and be seen.