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Hot Destinations for your Spring Holidays

Hot Destinations for your Spring Holidays

Spring is a wonderful time of year – especially for travelling! The weather starts to warm up, days get longer again, and we look forward to the clocks going forward on the 27th of March, and flowers emerge after their winter hiatus. Whilst springtime in the UK is joyous, it’s also a great time to get out and visit some top holiday destinations. We’ve been looking into some of the top trending holiday destinations for spring, and will be bringing you some ideas of the weather you can expect, the best rated hotels, and flight times from London. Sit back and let us whet your appetite for adventure, as Rock helps you get lost and be seen.
 hermitage bay in antigua

Antigua, Caribbean

To kick off our trending travel destinations, we’re visiting Antigua. Making up one half of the two major islands of the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda, this is a perfect holiday destination for anyone who dreams of sandy white beaches, lazy palm trees swaying in the wind, and more pina coladas than you could ever think to drink.

Weather in Antigua in March/April

The weather in Antigua in March/April means visiting in the spring can be a good idea for those who struggle with sticky, humid heat – it’s hot and dry, so it feels less stuffy, and there are still sea breezes to be enjoyed. This is also before traditional storm season, which it’s usually best to avoid. Temperatures are still splendidly hot, and usually sit around the 28 or 29 degree mark, which will feel like bliss after a chilly British winter.

London to Antigua Flight Times

Flight times from London to Antigua average out at around 8 hours 30 with most airlines. British Airways provide flights to Antigua. Whilst this is a long-haul flight, and the longest on our list, it’s definitely worth the visit. Be sure you’ve got a good cabin bag handy to keep all your belongings with you during your flight.

Best Hotel in Antigua

The best hotel in Antigua, according to TripAdvisor, is Hermitage Bay hotel – and once you see the photos, you’ll understand why! With breath-taking views of the namesake bay’s crystal blue waters, and swathes of palm trees blowing in the breeze, you can truly escape to an island paradise experience at this hotel.
view of dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

You may already be familiar with Dubrovnik already – over the past few years Croatia has become something of a holiday hotspot. It’s also possible you may know the city better as King’s Landing, from the incredibly popular TV show Game of Thrones. Either way, Dubrovnik really should be on your travel list. This 16th century city sits right on the Adriatic Sea, with a perfect blue harbour and red roof tiles encapsulating everything we love about visiting Southern Europe.

Weather in Dubrovnik in March/April

Visiting Dubrovnik you can expect good weather, with March and April temperatures averaging around 20 degrees, which is plenty warmer than you can expect to see in the UK in Spring. The seas will also still be warm, so if you fancy a swim you won’t have to worry too much about wetsuits – a bikini or shorts are all you need to pack.

London to Dubrovnik Flight Times

London to Dubrovnik flight times won’t take too long, and a direct flight can get you there in 2 hours 30 (plenty of time to see at least 2 episodes of Game of Thrones to prepare you for the medieval style city). Ryanair, British Airways, and Easyjet all provide flights to Dubrovnik.

Best Hotel in Dubrovnik

The best hotel in Dubrovnik we found ranked on TripAdvisor was the St Joseph Boutique Hotel, a stunning, centrally located townhouse. The building itself is 400 years old and is a perfect example of the city’s architecture, helping you to feel truly immersed in your trip.
gibraltar rock holiday

Gibraltar, Overseas British Territory

Gibraltar may seem like a bit of a surprise inclusion – but we promise you, it’s popular this year for spring travel. With the small territory being overlooked by the famous Rock, Gibraltar is an iconic sight (and would make for some great travel snaps). Hidden away right at the bottom of Spain, and close to North Africa, Gibraltar temperatures are hot, and the sun shines bright, perfect for an early tanning trip in preparation for the British Summer.

Weather in Gibraltar in March/April

The spring March and April temperature in Gibraltar is ideal for visiting. With temperatures in March and April hitting between 20 to 23 degrees, it makes a nice break from the UK weather at this time of year. On average, each of these two months only sees 4 days of rainfall as well, so you don’t have to worry about downpours ruining your plans.

London to Gibraltar Flight Times

London to Gibraltar flight times are usually around 2 hours and 50 minutes. However, as it’s such a small territory with its own airport, getting around once you’re there won’t be an issue. British Airways and Easyjet both fly to Gibraltar.

Best Hotel in Gibraltar

The best hotel in Gibraltar we found was Rock Hotel Gibraltar. This lovely hotel boasts a stunning outdoor pool, views over the city and sea, and clean, 1930s inspired design.
view of malta holiday

Malta, near Spain

A favourite with British tourists, and a great country to visit in the Springtime, Malta is a small island nation that you can find nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, off the south coast of Italy. With a diverse history and plenty of stunning scenery, Malta should absolutely make your list of spring holiday destinations.

Weather in Malta in March/April

The weather in Malta in March and April is pleasantly hot, staying comfortably between 20 and 25 degrees. It’s dry and breezy, so is ideal for anyone who struggles in the heat. Malta hasn’t had snow since the 1960s, so whilst we may experience the odd dusting in the UK this spring, you can almost guarantee that you won’t see snow in Malta.

London to Malta Flight Times

London to Malta flight times are usually around 3 hours 30. It’s a small island though, so you won’t have to do too much travelling once you’re there. British Airways, Easyjet, and Ryanair all run flights to Malta

Best Hotel in Malta

The best hotel in Malta that we found is the Hyatt Regency Malta. This stunning hotel seamlessly blends its ancient, sandstone architecture with modern day design, resulting in a truly stunning spectacle for your stay. With views over the city of Saint Julian’s, and the Mediterranean coast, we’re sure we’ll have you dreaming of this holiday tonight! 

Your Spring Holiday

We hope some of these spring or Easter holiday travel destinations have sparked some adventurer’s curiosity in you! If you can’t wait to get away for your Easter break and soak up some sun abroad, make sure you’ve got the luggage to pack everything you need. With everything from stylish travel bags to roomy large suitcases, Rock has the fashionable luggage you need to get lost, and be seen.