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Black & White: The Monochrome Edit

Black & White: The Monochrome Edit

For the ultra-minimalists among us, a black and white palette is the ultimate in unambiguous style. Cutting through the noise, black and white accessories have a stark, clean simplicity pairing well with a monochromatic look, or juxtaposing colour. Here's our pick of Rock's best case in black and white:

Sunwave in White and Peach


An enduring favourite, Sunwave's tactile construction and clean lines are perfect in Black and White (as well as it's colourful cousin Peach - above). The ridged, hard case is tough and hard-wearing, with an expandable section and TSA lock as standard.  Sunwave's cool style is perfect to pair with a neutral outfit, or a real statement as a three-piece set in Black. 


Mayfair in Black


Rock's newest member of the family, Mayfair, has a clean look and utilitarian lines - highlighted by beautiful copper accents for a truly unique punch. Mayfair comes in Black, Charcoal and Navy, and had been an immediate favourite with our community. Designed with style and substance in mind, solid construction with sharp lines, the case will take you wherever you need to go.

Vintage set in Cream


Our number #1 seller, Vintage, plays with heritage travel with contemporary style. Vintage's original colour palette included our Cream case, featuring the trunk inspired straps for a completely unique take on travel. Beautiful in cabin and outstanding as a set, Vintage is a world away from average luggage. 

Prime in White


Clean, classic and design for contemporary travel, Prime is the definition of minimalism. With a tough outer shell that is gently shaped and thoughtfully textured, Prime offers luggage without compromise. Available in White, Black, Navy and Charcoal, the colour palette is ideal for those who love the monochrome look.