How to travel safely, post Covid-19!

How can you keep yourselves safe when you start to travel after Covid-19?

Covid-19 is currently impacting us all around the world – and it’s time to discuss something that may not necessarily directly be on our minds. With holidays and vacation plans cancelled and disrupted due to the global pandemic, how best can we ensure we protect both ourselves and our luggage post lockdown? We are here to provide you with a practical solution to your holiday requirements.
The first step to preparing for our holidays is to ensure we protect ourselves with the correct equipment – ensuring we not only keep ourselves safe, but also those around us! This goes for both how we protect our bodies but also our belongings. Using a mask to cover our face, and a glove on one hand to handle belongings to stop the spread, are common shared knowledge around how to avoid contracting Covid-19. But the question remains as to how we can best protect our belongings?

How do I protect my luggage?

Our first suggestion is to contain cross contamination as best as possible. This can be accomplished by wearing a glove while handling your luggage. There is only so much control we have once our luggage is handed over while checking in for flights, and during this process our luggage is in the care of the airline. Whilst this occurs, luggage is handled by several other people, whether they are protecting themselves or not, it’s important to make sure you still take the relevant precautions. Do not touch your luggage with your hands, and where this may not be possible, do ensure you wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face or personal belongings, i.e. your phone!

Now that you have your glove all ready for your holiday, what else can you do? Hand sanitizer of course! Should a sink and hand wash not be available, hand sanitizer is a good backup option. Similarly, should you not have a glove and touch your luggage, hand sanitizer can help to ensure you’re limiting cross contamination.

Lastly, it’s important not to neglect the normal precautions, as they are still something to take into consideration. Secure your luggage with a strong padlock (or integrated lock if your case has one) during your travels. This way you can protect your belongings not only from theft, but also damage! Should the worst happen, you can always mention this and produce evidence that your luggage was safely locked and that precautions were taken to avoid any lost items.