Quality & Testing

Rock products are manufactured using the highest grade materials and components and are subject to rigorous quality control procedures.  During the design phase, our products undergo the following minimum quality testing procedures:


Trolley system impact test

Trolley system is dropped into extended position for 20 cycles with minimum 20kg product loading


Zipper fatigue test

Zipper is opened and closed fully for minimum number of cycles according to zipper size:

Size 10 – minimum 10,000 cycles

Size 8 – minimum 8,000 cycles

Size 5 – minimum 5,000 cycles    


Fabric stitching strength test

Fabric stitching is pulled with force ≥196N


Wheel durability test

Wheel is run continuously for minimum 20km with minimum 20kg product loading


Wheel drop test

Product is dropped from minimum 1m height onto each wheel 3 times with 20kg minimum product loading