About us

About Rock:

We have been manufacturers and distributors of luggage, bags and travel accessories for more than 35 years.  Our Rock collections are the culmination of these decades of experience in the travel goods industry.

We have a simple goal: to produce quality luggage and bags which are practical, durable and stylish.

Travellers’ needs have changed dramatically in recent years as weight and size restrictions imposed by airlines grow ever more onerous.  We have embraced those changes, leading the way in lightweight luggage and cabin cases designed to be carried on board the major airlines.

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About Members:

Members was established in 1977 as an independent manufacturer of casual bags and business cases, supplying shops in the London area.  As the brand grew during the 1980s, the first range of Members suitcases and travel bags was launched.  By the 1990s, Members had grown into a highly respected luggage and travel goods brand.

Since its inception, the Members name has been synonymous with exceptional quality and value for money.  While this ethos has not changed in over 35 years, our range continues to expand and evolve to incorporate the latest technological advances.

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